• Request Access

Request Access

Unifi component libraries are available as NPM packages and are deployed in Unifi's private NPM registry. The following instructions will walk you through how to request access to Unifi and the Unifi libraries.

Steps to Getting Unifi Access

1. Check to see if you already have access

Run through the steps on the GLHEC Artifactory Access page. There is no need to proceed forward with the request if you already have the specified role(s) listed on the Confluence page.

Note: You will need to be authenticated to Nelnet's VPN.

2. Send an email to request access

If you do not have GLHEC Artifactory Access, send an email to unifidesignsystem@nelnet.net and include the following:

  • First and last name of all users that need access
  • Each user's email address in all lowercase
  • Each user's role and intended use
  • Your team/group name
  • Indicate if you'd like to automatically be added to the Unifi Community Teams channel

We will follow up via email with further information. You can expect access within two business days.

3. Join the Unifi Community on Teams for release updates

Stay updated or reach out about any of the following:

  • Detailed release updates
  • General feedback on the Unifi Design System
  • updates or questions on the documentation
  • Question or bug reports for components
  • Suggestions for new components
  • Request to get involved