• React Components

Unifi React

Version: 3.0.6

View demos and learn about using available Unifi React components.

A component is a UI element that can be used more than twice in the same way and can be broken down to its basics. It can have variants or variations.

Using Components

The Get Started page has instructions on how to install the Unifi components. Each component page has interactive examples with linked code of the components use cases.

Component Methodology

Components should be flexible enough to meet diverse needs. The components are set up to be restructured based on the information passed in. No matter what type of experience you’re creating, you can use components as the building blocks of your product or feature.

Each of the components has a well-documented public interface (API) with guidelines and well-defined conventions. This way, developers don’t need to worry about the underlying implementation. Instead, they can focus on creating great user experiences.


We are constantly working to improve Unifi so that it better serves users. Please submit your issues or feature requests to the Unifi team.