Unifi Design System

A collection of components and guidelines to develop and design innovative, consistent and delightful products.

More than a design system, the Unifi Collective has grown to also include the Unifi Design Studio.

Unifi for Great Customer Experience (CX)

Unifi is a collective of knowledge, people, tools, technologies, processes and capabilities focused on empowering Nelnet to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Leverage the Unifi Design System

Unifi began as a grassroots effort to create the Design System. It provides design patterns and multi-platform components to efficiently build digital user interfaces in a consistent and accessible way.

Partner with the Unifi Design Studio

The former UX/UI team evolved to become the Unifi Design Studio. A team dedicated to informing, supporting, and visualizing exceptional customer experiences.

Join the
Unifi Movement

If you'd like to become a part of Unifi, or leverage Unifi for your project, we'd love to hear from you.

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Wondering what a design system is, or if it's available for your platform? Read the frequently asked questions.